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A plan for sufferers and a tool for physiotherapists

A plan for sufferers and a tool for physiotherapists

The Back Pain Personal Health Plan – Bounce Back Edition is the only back care book you will ever need showing you how to take control of your back pain. A comprehensive self-help manual which will dispel the myths and confusion about back pain and help you to finally understand the real causes to everyday neck and back pain.

A valuable new publication  based on current research and available clinical evidence to optimise recovery and independence in all those who have suffered the effects of back and neck pain/

Learn easy to follow safe and effective neck and back exercises that increase flexibility and strength of the spine and teach efficient posture.


You’ll also learn:

  • How to break the fear and anxiety cycle that keeps you in a vulnerable and painful state
  • A new understanding of how our spine and body works
  • How to increase your confidence levels through exercise
  • How to identify muscular tightness and imbalances
  • Ways to improve your posture
  • Ways to use stretching to ease the build-up of tense muscles
  • How to gradually strengthen your back muscles as you continue to gain confisence and regain your full range of activity

The exercises in The Back Pain Personal Health Plan contain carefully selected examples from the Bounce Back Active Rehabilitation System and are based on the experiences of over 5000 participants.

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Enrol for 2-part 3D Lumbo Pelvic-Assessment & Motor Control course

2015 course header jpg

Trish Wisbey-Roth 2015 courses




14 – 17 May 2015 in Sydney


Assessment & Treatment of the Pelvic Complex and Lumbar Spine (Part 1)

  • 3D anatomy, Biomechanics and assessment of the lumbar spine and pelvic complex.
  • A clear differential diagnostic algorithm for SIJ dysfunction outlined in practical sessions.
  • Comprehensive assessment of lumbar spine structural and neural issues.
  • Effective treatment for SIJ and lumbar spine problems specific for dysfunction.

Thursday, 14th May – Friday, 15th May

Cost:  $685.00

Optimising Motor Control of the Lumbar, Pelvic and Hip Region (Part 2)

  • A detailed outline of the dynamic slings of the lumbar pelvic and hip regions and how they relate to individual patient presentation.
  • A specific and graded assessment protocol for lumbo pelvic and hip dysfunction.
  • Detailing practical strategies that can be incorporated into rehabilitation and maintenance training programs to optimise dynamic lumbo/pelvic/hip control and proprioception.
  • Detailed exercise handouts included in the training manual that can be applied in the clinic immediately.

Saturday, 16th May – Sunday, 17th May

Cost:  $685.00

** Special Offer:  Enrol into the 4 day multi-course option to attend Part 1 and Part 2 over 4 days and save 15% on enrolment cost.  Enrolment fee:  $1164.50 (15% saving)

Go to:

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New online Physiotherapy video resource – just a click away

video pic clicky

Introducing a new collection of Bounce Back Education online training videos. Research-based, practical and specific information that can be put into immediate use in your practice.

This first is an  8-part Hip Optimising Series priced at the special discounted price of $99.50.
This series consists of 8 Modules of approx 30 – 40 minutes each, ideally paced as a practical tutorial for physiotherapists.  1 – Dysfunction Specific Exercise Therapy to Optimise Hip Function 2 – Dysfunctional Patterns of Abdominals and Adductors 3 – Retraining of Deep Stabilisers of the Hip: Illiacus, quad fem, glut med 4 – Exercises to Decrease Hip Muscle Spasm (Part A & B) 5 – Gluteal Tendinopathies for Optimal Hip Function 6 – Optimise Gluteal Function for Performance 7 – Adductor (+/- tendinopathy) and VMO 8 – Hip Flexor (+/- tendinopathy)
There are also a number of resources and handouts that can be downloaded which are a valuable resource for you and your patients. You’ll have access to these intensely practical modules no matter where you are, what time it is, at your own pace and as often as you’d like.

To purchase go to:


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Exercise Therapy for Hip Performance – Part 1

For a limited time I have provided Free access to Part 1 of my new online video training series “Exercise Therapy for Hip Performance” as I would really appreciate your initial feedback and comments on this in-house training tool.

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